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Paralegal Blog

Resume Screening – Stand Out or Be Passed Over

Overborrowing for Education Could Prolong a Student Lifestyle

Paralegal Certificate vs Paralegal Certification - Let’s clear up the confusion!

Celebrating 38 Years of Service to the Paralegal Community

Video Interviewing – Fail It or Nail It

Graduation Virtual Live Stream - February 17, 2024

Bachelor of Arts: Law and Business Degree Program

Alumni Mixer and Graduate Reception 5.0 - Fall 2023

Graduation | Virtual Live Stream - August 26, 2023

Landing An Interview Without Exact Experience

The Truth About Lying on a Resume – It Can Kill Your Candidacy

Plagiarism Avoidance and Copyleaks

Graduation | Virtual Live Stream - February 18, 2023

Graduation | Live in Person Event - August 20, 2022

20 Ways to Achieve Success as a Paralegal

How to Communicate Criminal History to Potential Employer

Why Should We Hire You? Give a FAB Response!

Social Media: Keep it Professional or Keep it Private!

How to Level-Up your Email Address from Cringeworthy to Credible

6 Important Reasons to Utilize College Career Services

Graduation Live Stream - February 26, 2022

Notary Public Seminar - September 10th

Graduation Live Stream - August 28, 2021

Instructor Feedback - Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Behind the Hiring Scenes – What Interviewers Won’t Tell You

Seminar: Mastering Employment | May 7th

Notary Public Seminar - March 19th

Graduation Live Stream - February 27, 2021

Creating Resumes for Humans and BOTS

Competencies as Currency – How to Get Employers to Show You the Money

Seminar: Mastering Employment | November 13th

Graduation Live Stream - September 12, 2020

Notary Public Seminar - September 18th

In case you missed it - August 2020

Keeping Our Distance Since 2006

Work Mistake? Fess Up to Your Mess Up and Fix It.

In case you missed it - June 2020

What Salary Do You Expect? 3 Responses for Meaningful Wage Dialogue

Job Hunting During Coronavirus – 5 Ways to Get Hired

Working and studying from home - a paradigm shift

Stay Home, Get a Degree!

Keeping Professional Development Continuous During Coronavirus

CALS Communicable Illness Policy

Alumni Mixer 4.0 - Spring 2020

In case you missed it! Graduation February 2020

Graduation Ceremony - February 22, 2020

New Year. New Paralegal Career! Let us help.

Is the Job Right for You?  5 Must-Ask Questions!

Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association on Campus 12/7

CALS Alum Crystal Cornett and Paralegals Connect

Notary Public Seminar - October 25th

Fall 2019 Alumni Mixer - Save the date!

2020 Vision for Paralegals: Forecast, Formal Training & Finding Work

Electronic Legal Research Resources: 2019 Update

New Paralegals Can Overcome “No Experience” Obstacles

What is a Regulation, Anyway?

Paralegal Program Length: Don’t sell yourself short.

Notary Public Seminar - April 26th

Career Services - It’s not just about the resume!

Become a Paralegal:  It’s a High Demand, Strong Growth, Market Stable Profession!

Alumni Mixer 2.0 - Save the date!

Paralegals Must Have the Write Stuff!

Graduation streamed live - Saturday, Feb. 16th at 10AM

There ought to be a law!

Paralegal Career Opportunities - What's changed in 10 years?

Five Reasons to Become a Paralegal

The Road to Becoming a Freelance / Virtual Paralegal

Paralegal Graduation - August 18, 2018

Students Affected by Hurricane Harvey

School Closure due to Hurricane Harvey

Graduation Ceremony live on YouTube

Guide: How to become a paralegal

Paralegals Making a Difference: 6 Ways A Paralegal Career Can Impact the World

Paralegal Career Change: From Texas Oil and Gas to Sunny California Tinseltown

What Is An Average Paralegal Salary?

What do Paralegals do? The Growing Trend of Non-Traditional Applications of a Paralegal Degree

Traditional or Online: Great options for both are available

Commencement Ceremony to be streamed live on YouTube

31st Annual Houston Hispanic Forum Career & Education Day

It's here! Collaborate Ultra: Even better live online paralegal classes

Paralegal Commencement Ceremony to be Streamed Live

Paralegal considered 'high demand' field according to Amazon

Higher income and job demand signals growth for paralegals

California Paralegal Requirements

James I. Wiedemer J.D. - Real Estate Law

Paralegal Program Length: Is your paralegal program comprehensive enough?

The Importance of Accreditation

ABA Approved Online Paralegal Program?

Five Tips for Managing Speaker's Anxiety

Online Paralegal Certificate and Degree Programs - Live Classes!!

Academic Dean's Commitment To Paralegal Students

6 Questions That Help Define Your Vision Of Becoming Paralegal

Learn How Paralegals Gain Leverage With Good Interviewing Skills

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Paralegal Program

Online Paralegal Student Takes Steps Toward Reaching Goals

Endless Opportunities for Paralegal Employment

Education vs. Experience: Which Is More Valuable to Paralegal Employers?

A Simple Guide to Applying for Financial Aid

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be a Paralegal!

5 Things All Attorneys Expect from Paralegals

6 Things Every Paralegal Needs to Know about Trial Notebooks

Why So Many College Graduates Are Underemployed...

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Paralegal Network

Paralegals: Find Your Voice! 4 Vocal Viruses that Could Stifle Your Career

Five Ways One Paralegal Student Made Connections

4 Steps to Better Organization for Paralegals

5 Ways Graduates Can Gain Employment Before They Have Experience

CALS Awarded 2014 Military Friendly Schools® Designation

Advance Your Career! One Student’s Journey to a Paralegal Certificate.

Be an Indispensable Paralegal: One Graduate’s Story

Paralegals and Student Loans: Your First Steps Toward Repayment

The Top 4 Skills of a Successful Paralegal

Transitioning from Military to Civilian? Consider a Paralegal Career.

What Makes CALS Different from Other Paralegal Programs?

Learn the Basics of a Paralegal Certificate Program

9 Steps to Better Writing for Paralegals...et al.

Paralegal Career: A Different Route To The Legal Profession

Paralegals: Real Heroes and Defenders of Justice

Four Ways Externships Help Paralegals Succeed

Three Ways to Earn the Paralegal Salary You Desire

Paralegal Training: The Next Step Toward Beginning Your Dream.

Changing Careers? Consider Paralegal.

How You Choose Between Traditional and Online Paralegal Programs

Paralegals and the Impact of Continuing Education

Paralegals and the Art of First Impressions (Part 2 of 2)

Paralegals and the Art of First Impressions (Part 1 of 2)

Four Major Roles of the Litigation Paralegal

10 Tips for Paralegals and Better Internet Research

4 Reasons Paralegals Should Improve Their English Skills

New Website Launched at Center for Advanced Legal Studies

Paralegals Get Noticed: Creating a Powerful Resume (Part II)

Three Tips to Prepare for Your Paralegal Certification

The Path to Becoming a Paralegal

Paralegal Program: A Great Choice for Single Mom

6 Personal Lessons That Led To Paralegal School

Career Changer Finds Success in Paralegal Program

Change Can Happen With Online Paralegal Classes

Four Attitudes of a Highly Effective Paralegal Student

Paralegal School Helps Students Pursue Dreams

Paralegal Program Offers Professional Communication Skills Workshop

Certified Paralegal: Clarification

Creating a Powerful Resume to Land a Paralegal Job Interview

Paralegal Program Study Tips

Paralegal Program: "Hard Work Determines Future"

Just One Question. Ever Consider a Career as a Paralegal?

9 Paralegal Skills For Students Who Want To Excel In Their Career

Graduate Addresses Concerns About Online Paralegal Classes

Corporate Paralegal Training: What to Expect as a Corporate Paralegal

Becoming a Paralegal: Why You Should Take a Closer Look

Knock Their Socks Off! Seven Important Interview Tips For Paralegals

Duties You Can Expect to Perform as a Paralegal

What Makes a Great Paralegal?

Three Technologies That Make Our Online Paralegal Programs Successful

Top Two Reasons You'll Want to Attend Our Paralegal School

Paralegals Benefit from Social Media

Why Paralegal Training May Make More Sense Than Law School

Three (3) Ways to Earn the Paralegal Salary You Desire

There is a Better Way To Take Accredited Online Paralegal Classes

Paralegal College Instructor Highlighted in 'Legally Mom'

High Paralegal Job Demand Drives The Need For Paralegal Education

Paralegal Certificate vs Paralegal Certification

What Does It Really Take To Work As A Paralegal?

How Speech 101 Can Help You As A Paralegal

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