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Creating a Powerful Resume to Land a Paralegal Job Interview

Posted by Gail Armatys

Jan 4, 2013 1:59:00 PM

Tina Ghanavati, Director of Career Services, Center for Advanced Legal Studies

Tina Ghanavati
Director of Career Services
Center for Advanced Legal Studies

(Note: This is the first of two articles on preparing an effective, persuasive resume and cover letter to assist you in landing a paralegal job).

The days and nights of studying, writing papers and attending classes are over. You finally have your paralegal degree or paralegal certificate. Now it’s time to go get a job!

But before you start applying anywhere, you’re going to need a solid, persuasive resume, one that will help convince an employer that you’re a viable candidate and that you deserve to be interviewed.

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Becoming a Paralegal: Why You Should Take a Closer Look

Posted by Gail Armatys

Sep 14, 2012 1:56:00 PM

Gail Armatys, Co-Founder & CAO

Gail Armatys

Co-Founder & CAO

Center for Advanced

Legal Studies  

When most people think of entering the legal profession, they immediately think of attending law school to become an attorney. However, the huge number of law school graduates combined with the scarcity of attorney jobs in recent years may lead would-be law students to consider another path: becoming a paralegal.

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Duties You Can Expect to Perform as a Paralegal

Posted by Gail Armatys

Sep 6, 2012 12:06:00 PM

Most people think of the role of a paralegal as an assistant to an attorney. The American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) defines a paralegal as someone who "performs substantive and procedural legal work as authorized by law, which work, in the absence of the paralegal, would be performed by an attorney. Paralegals have knowledge of the law gained through education, or education and work experience, which qualifies them to perform legal work. Paralegals adhere to recognized eParalegal-interview.jpgthical standards and rules of professional responsibility." But what activities can one really expect to do each day as a paralegal?

The truth is, paralegals perform a large array of tasks, and no day is completely alike. However, there are some core functions paralegals commonly perform. Here are some of the common duties paralegals are responsible for on a day-to-day basis.

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What Makes a Great Paralegal?

Posted by Gail Armatys

Sep 3, 2012 11:50:00 AM

PhotoGailArmatys resized 600

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