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Register for Tuesday Information Session


There is no better way to learn more about our Paralegal Programs

While it is convenient to research your paralegal college options on the Internet, nothing is better than visiting a college or university to learn more about their programs and what they have to offer.

If you live in or visit the Houston area, we encourage you to register for an upcoming information session held locally on Campus. Information Sessions are scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 10:30AM.

During the Information Session, you will be able to:

  • Meet with members of our staff for a brief 15 minute presentation
  • Tour our campus, law library and classrooms
  • Receive hard copies of our School Catalog, Brochure and Information Kit
  • Meet members of our teaching faculty, including the School Director and Dean
  • Get details about accreditation, minimum program requirements, and Financial Aid
  • Learn more about our Career Services and job placement assistance
  • And most importantly, ask the questions you need answered

Your decision on which college to attend is an important one. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about any of the programs you are considering. Our Information Session is a great place to start.

Information Session Details