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Tech Support for Paralegal Students

What are the minimum computer/laptop requirements for students?

Posted by Eric H. Happe

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Apr 7, 2013 1:00:00 AM

All students entering the Center for Advanced Legal Studies morning program are required to have their own laptop. Students taking classes online may opt for a laptop or desktop computer.  Both laptops and desktops should meet or exceed certain minimum requirements as listed below.


Configuration item
Minimum specifications
Computer Type
Windows 10
(netbooks not recommended)
Chromebooks are not supported
NOTE: Mac users must have access to a Microsoft Windows based PC to run certain proprietary applications which are not available for Mac OS.
Screen Size
Native Screen Resolution
1024 x 768
Processor Speed
2.0 GHz
Minimum RAM
4 GB
Minimum Hard Disk Size
250 GB
Minimum Battery Life
4 hours
10/100/1000 Integrated
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (ac preferred)
Optical Drive
Not required
Integrated, with speakers, earphone and mic jack
USB slots
Two (2) - powered
Video Graphic Card
Discrete graphics preferred but not required
Not Required
Required (Integrated preferred)

Minimum software requirements 

Operating system:
  Windows 10, Mac OS
(see note above)
Windows XP, Vista and 8 are not supported.
Chromebooks are not supported.
Microsoft Office 365:
  Provided to all incoming students
Security software:
  Internet firewall / antivirus / anti-malware with active subscription to updates


Internet Connection Requirements 
Broadband Internet at 768 kb/sec is the minimum recommended. Most subscribers to telecom DSL or cable company Internet service should meet or exceed this requirement.
Cellular Internet (Verizon, Clear, etc.) and satellite service can suffice for limited use but aren’t recommended as a primary connections.

You can test your current Internet speed and quality by following the recommendations found at How can I test the quality of my Internet connection?
Note:  wired connections (RJ45) to the router are preferred to wireless connections.

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