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Textbook Selection

The following is a current list of textbooks from which the Center's instructors make their book selection. A Cengage Unlimited account is included in the cost of both the Certificate and AAS degree. Students must have access to Cengage Unlimited materials. Cengage Unlimited may offer the option to rent textbooks through the student's Cengage Dashboard for $7.99/book. In the event that a course requires a book that is not offered through Cengage Unlimited, CALS will make arrangements for the student to receive the book. 

CALS participates in LIRN lending library which is linked directly in each Canvas course. Students are encouraged to uses this resource freely and often. Students receive Westlaw subscriptions during the 2nd term of the Certificate Program. Registration emails are sent directly from Thomson Reuters. Please contact the office if you have any questions. 

Code Paralegal Certificate and AAS Degree Textbooks Publisher
LAW 1301 Paralegal Today: The Essentials 7th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1305 Practical Law Office Management, 4th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1300 Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing, 4th (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1300 A Uniform System of Citation (Mailed by CALS) Link
LAW 1303 Criminal Law and Procedure, 7th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1304 Tort law, 7th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1306 Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration, 8th (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 1307 Civil Litigation, 8th Edition Link
LAW 2301 The Law of Corp. & Other Business Orgs, 6th (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2302 Family Law, 7th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2303 Intellectual Property, 5th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2304 Practical Real Estate Law, 8th Ed (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2305 Using Computers in the Law Office, 8th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2307 E-Discovery: An Intro to Digital Evidence, 1st Ed (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2309 Learning About Immigration Law, 3rd Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2310 Civil Litigation, 8th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2311 Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing, 4th Ed (Cengage Unlimited) Link
LAW 2312 Oil and Gas Land Study Guide, 16th (Mailed by CALS) Link
Code General Education Textbooks  
ENGL1301 Stories are supplied by the instructor. No required textbook.   
ENGL1302 Written Communication (Cengage Unlimited) Link
PSYC 2301 Essentials of Psychology, 7th Edition (Cengage Unlimited) Link
POFT 1321 Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers, 9th Ed (Cengage Unlimited) Link
GOVT 2301 American Government and Politics Today, 10th Link
BIOL 2301 Body Structures and Functions, 13th  Link