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Stay Home, Get a Degree!

Posted by Tami Riggs

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Apr 23, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Degree Graduate with MaskOne consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the loss of jobs. This has not been a welcome change. You may be seeking a way to manage your experience during this crisis. You may find yourself at home with not a lot to do.

Consider continuing your education. CALS has been very fortunate to help graduates enter the legal field in entry level positions with only a paralegal certificate, but that is likely to change. If you want to be competitive and engage in transactional work as a paralegal you will be required, at a minimum, to have an associate degree.

There are many benefits to continuing your education during this downtime. It can advance your knowledge and professional growth, provide a meaningful role in helping you to come back stronger, foster new connections, and increase your marketability and earning potential. 

When this crisis passes there will be a wide range of legal cases that emerge, particularly in the areas of labor, employment, real estate, contracts, immigration, and consumer class actions. The legal landscape will change. Be positioned to change with it when the job market rebounds.

Transitions are always challenging but you don’t have to give up on your dream! Continuing in our AAS program and completing your first degree can help prepare you to re-enter the work force at a higher level. The emphasis on education and training will be a significant factor in job placement and career advancement going forward.

You may be able to transfer all Certificate courses from CALS, along with general study courses obtained at other institutions, into our Associate of Applied Science Degree Program. Contact our Admissions Office today to learn more, or submit your application at https://www.paralegal.edu/online-application

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Tami Riggs
Director of Outreach and Career Services

Tami has an extensive and varied professional background that spans criminal justice, paralegal education, and international school marketing and communication. Her career has been guided by a focus on developing strategic partnerships that facilitate school growth and student opportunity. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Texas State University.

Topics: paralegal degree, career, paralegal skills, education and training

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