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Career Services

How to prepare for Career Services

While you are busy with your paralegal education and training, we encourage you to
remember the ultimate goal - your legal career.paralegals at work

CALS' Director of Career Services works one-on-one with students to prepare them for employment opportunities upon graduation.  Here are a few things to remember as you continually move closer to making your dream a reality.

  1. Your attendance in class is a big indicator of your grade performance. Be in class and take advantage of the expertise and experience offered by our faculty.

  2. Complete Your e-Portfolio. An E-Portfolio is an online career profile for students to showcase their personality and work samples to employers.

  3. Participate in an Externship experience.  While an Externship is required of all AAS Degree Paralegal Program students in order to graduate, it is not a requirement for Paralegal Certificate students.  However, all students are strongly encouraged to discuss externship opportunities with the Career Services staff.  It helps build your resume and it is a great networking opportunity.

  4. The Director of Career Services provides personal attention and preparation for interviews at the beginning of your last term of study. This includes:    

    • Resume Writing
    • Interview Tips
    • Market Your Resume
    • Secure Job Orders
    • Submit Resumes
    • Interview Coordination
    • Offer Negotiation
    • Employer Follow-Up
    • Outreach to Legal Community

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