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General Education Courses


ENGL1301: English Composition I

This class explores the principles and techniques of written expository and persuasive
composition. Using analysis, critical thinking, and a variety of communication strategies, students develop and improve their ability to write effectively. (45/3/0/3)

ENGL1302: English Composition II

This class applies the skills developed in English Composition I to the evaluation and interpretation of several literary forms, including short stories, poems, and plays. The ability to write effectively, persuasively, and with precision will be further improved.(45/3/0/3)

SPCH1311: Introduction to Speech Communication

Students are introduced to the theories and practice of communication in interpersonal, small group, and public speech. This is a broad-based approach to acquiring skills necessary to vocally communicate ideas. Class projects involve selection of topic, analysis of audience, organization of data, and voice projection as required to provide competent oral presentations. (45/3/0/3)

PSYC2301: General Psychology

This course is a survey of major topics in psychology. Students are introduced to the study of behavior and the factors that determine and affect behavior. (45/3/0/3)

GOVT2301: American Government I

Introduction to the theory and practice of politics and government in America at the national, state, and local levels. Topics include political theory, the American constitution, federalism, political participation and elections, the institutions of government, and domestic and foreign policies. (45/3/0/3)

BIOL2301: Anatomy & Physiology I

Study of the structure and function of human anatomy, including the neuroendocrine, integumentary, musculoskeletal, digestive, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. (45/3/0/3)

POFT1321: Business Math

Instruction in the fundamentals of business mathematics including analytical and problem-solving skills for critical thinking in business applications. (45/3/0/3)


 *45/3/0/3 Indicates number hours of theory/lab/externship/semester hrs.

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