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Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

If you previously attended another accredited college and earned credit as an undergraduate student, you may be eligible to transfer these hours into your Associate of Applied Science Degree Paralegal Program.

Submit your official college transcript to your Admissions Representative for evaluation. The Director or Academic Dean will determine which classes are transferable and award credit for those courses:
  • in which the student has received a grade of “C–” or higher
  • which are course requirements for the program in which he/she is enrolled
  • which are being transferred from an institution that is accredited by a regional or national accrediting association.
Keep in mind that a maximum of 12 semester hours of legal specialty courses may be transferred into your program.  Legal specialty courses are courses that (1) cover substantive law or legal procedures or process, (2) have been developed for paralegals, and (3) emphasize practical paralegal skills.
A minimum of 50% of the program’s total credit hours must be earned at the Center for the A.A.S.

Also note that while the Center may transfer credit for academic courses, we do not provide for transfer of credit for non-paralegal course work or licensing examinations for other occupations.
Due to the specialized nature of the programs transferability of credit may be limited.


Articulation Agreements

While graduating from the Center's programs prepares students for a new and immediate career, we understand that A.A.S. Degree graduates may at some point wish to continue their education and earn their Bachelor's Degree. 
In an effort to assist with this endeavor, the Center holds articulation agreements with the following colleges and universities:  Sam Houston State University, DeVry University, and University of Phoenix.
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