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Criminal Justice Courses


CRIJ2301 Introduction to Criminal Justice


Introduces the history and philosophy of criminal justice, including ethical considerations, the definition and categorization of crimes, a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system, aspects of law enforcement, court systems, the prosecution and defense of crimes, corrections, rehabilitation, and recidivism. (45/3/0/3)

CRIJ3310 Criminology

Criminology engages students in the study of human behavior in relation to crimes and criminal conduct examined from a sociological perspective. Students explore the nature of crime, the variety of theoretical explanations for criminal behavior, the measurement of crime, patterns and correlates of crime, and the mechanisms for control of criminal behavior. Psychological, legal, and philosophical approaches to crime are also considered. (45/3/0/3)


 *45/3/0/3 Indicates number hours of theory/lab/externship/semester hrs.


criminal justice courses for paralegals


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