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Center for Advanced Legal Studies Paralegal Education and Training
Future Paralegals
Talk to Us: 1-800-446-6931


Center for Advanced Legal Studies Staff

Doyle R. Happe Doyle R. Happe
School Director and Co-founder
James D. Scheffer James D. Scheffer
Director of Admissions
Elaine Prappas Elaine Prappas, J.D.
Senior Admissions Representative
Lori Baggett Lori Baggett
Financial Aid Director
Tina Ghanavati Tina Ghanavati
Director of Career Services
Thomas B Swanson J.D. Thomas B Swanson J.D.
Eric H. Happe Eric H. Happe
Director of Distance Education
Randi Jerding Randi G. Jerding
Course Designer /
Blackboard Administrator
Pete Becerra Pete Becerra
Carlas Mack Carlas Mack
Financial Aid Assistant
Sarah Casey Sarah Casey
Office Manager
Nathan Lindsey
Director of Marketing
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