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Graduate Testimonials

CALS Career Services assists graduates with resumes, externships and contacts employers to help graduates gain employment. - Antje Tah


Aleksandra Bajd

"I got my 1st paralegal job!" - CALS graduate raves over CALS Career Services department with Employer Connections - Watch Now!

Sharell Baloney

Enjoyed Paralegal Specialization and On Campus Classes - Watch Now!

Andrea Moore

As an active mother she was able to get one-on-one interaction with online instructors - Watch Now!

Dawneshia Alexander

CALS has a family feel and support that is hard to find. - Watch Now!

Centuryica Jefferson

Experienced legal professional recommends CALS - "I couldn't have made a better choice!" - Watch now!

Brycen Wideman

Brycen wants to become a lawyer. Working as a paralegal is his first step to accomplishing his dream. - Watch Now!

Jennifer Uchebo

CALS graduate from West Africa discuses "live-interactive" online classes. - Watch Now!

Kelly Van Dresar

CALS Online classes are recorded and archived for later viewing. A "much better learning experience!" - Watch Now!

Debbie Brannon

Out of the work place for more than 20 years, Debbie explains how on campus classes helped her succeed - Watch Now!

Johnny McGru

Straight talk about CALS and becoming a paralegal - Watch Now!

Terrance Scott

CALS specializes in Paralegal Studies. Hear why specialization matters to employers and graduates. - Watch Now!

Brittany Salter

Online classes made it easy to start a new life in a short time - Watch Now!

"Taking classes at the Center was a great experience and allowed me to complete my education while maintaining full-time employment. Without an option like the online certificate program, this would not have been an option."

Andrew Willson
Paralegal Certificate Graduate

"After completing on-the-ground classes here in Phoenix, the best way I can put it is that it’s “night and day.” The quality of the classes, instruction and experience are far superior through CALS than anything I had at (the other) College."

Elizabeth Bean
Paralegal Certificate Graduate

"This was no easy journey but it was all very well worth it. I have no regrets. I think the coursework and difficulty is a contribution to the feeling of accomplishment you have at the end of the program."