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Are you considering becoming a paralegal? The choices you make can have a big impact on the salary you earn.

To help you prepare, here are three steps you can take to gain information and maximize your salary as you move toward beginning your paralegal career.

1. Get a Quality Paralegal Education
On-the-job training may have been sufficient for paralegals in the past but due to increased competition for paralegal jobs, an AAS Paralegal Degree or a Paralegal Certificate for College Graduates is becoming necessary to secure the positions.....
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Paralegal Programs

  • online paralegal classes

    Online Paralegal Certificates and Degrees

    Advanced technology makes our online paralegal classes possible.

    Dedicated students and faculty bring online classes to life.

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  • paralegal certificate program

    Paralegal Certificate Program

    Our Paralegal Certificate Program is designed for college graduates. This program is streamlined to provide education in the most employable and demanding areas of the law.

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  • paralegal degree program

    Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies

    This program is designed specifically for students working towards their first college degree and provides comprehensive preparation for a paralegal career.

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  According to a survey conducted by Reuters, “More than 40 percent of recent U.S. college graduates are underemployed or need more training to get on a career track.”

Another public opinion survey that was released by Northwestern University and published in The Chronicle of Higher Education stated that “American adults and employers want colleges to produce graduates who can think critically and creatively and can communicate orally and in writing.”

Reaching for that goal without including marketable skills in the student’s degree plan could explain why graduates are underemployed and in need of more training. Evidently, just thinking and communicating, in and of itself, doesn’t pay all that well. (Continue Reading)