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Our Online Interactive Instruction™ takes a fresh approach to online paralegal education. Attend classes wherever you are with your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and broadband Internet connection.1  Meet with your instructor and classmates once a week to learn and discuss new information and gain skills.  Use the rest of the week to prepare, study and collaborate.  Online or traditional . Same curriculum. Same results.

1 Current technology allows only computer and laptop users to view live video of their instructors and classmates at this time. Video support for mobile devices is on the way.

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    Collaborate Online

    Simply the best platform for teaching and learning online.

    While other institutions try to repurpose business meeting software and services, CALS uses technology designed from the ground up for distance learning.

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    Only Internet Required.

    Blackboard Collaborate only requires a broadband Internet connection and healthy computer. You can even attend via iPad or iPhone!

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    Watch Classes Live

    We recommend attending live online classes from a secluded, quiet area. We cover a lot of information, so you will want to stay focused.


"Taking classes at the Center was a great experience and allowed me to complete my education while maintaining full-time employment. Without an option like the online certificate program, this would not have been an option."

Andrew Willson
Paralegal Certificate Graduate

"After completing on-the-ground classes here in Phoenix, the best way I can put it is that it’s “night and day.” The quality of the classes, instruction and experience are far superior through CALS than anything I had at (the other) College."

Elizabeth Bean
Paralegal Certificate Graduate

"This was no easy journey but it was all very well worth it. I have no regrets. I think the coursework and difficulty is a contribution to the feeling of accomplishment you have at the end of the program."

Christina Vasquez
Paralegal Certificate Graduate

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