Paralegal School Tuition

CALS Tuition: An Investment that Pays Off

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    Graduation - February 2013

    Graduates are always amazed at how quickly they complete their paralegal studies.

    Our programs are streamlined and accelerated and students graduate much faster than in traditional college environments.

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  • paralegal certificate students

    Paralegal Certificate Program

    Designed for college graduates and streamlined to provide education in the most employable and demanding areas of the law.

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  • paralegal degree students

    Associate Degree Program

    Ensures thorough preparation for a paralegal career by including each area of law covered in the Paralegal Certificate program with the addition of law specialty courses such as Immigration Law, Criminal Law, and Wills, Trusts and Probate.

    paralegal tuition

Center for Advanced Legal Studies is a private, professional college that focuses on end results. Every dollar you devote to your paralegal education is re-invested directly into your end-goal: beginning and advancing your paralegal career. 

We get it.

  • You want to make a positive change.
  • You want to get what you pay for.
  • You want a tuition payment plan that works – no worries.
  • You want a legal career.

That’s why, before your admission, we discuss thoroughly the value of your investment and help you with financial planning.

It’s Easy. Here is how you start:

  1. Contact our admissions staff.
  2. Gain acceptance to CALS.
  3. Determine your financial plan.
  4. Complete the admissions process.
  5. Begin class and advance your career!
How to choose a paralegal school

Graduates Benefit from CALS Specialized Paralegal Education & Experience

Student- Faculty ratio averages 15-1; No out-of-state fees for non-resident students; Career placement services focus on your legal career; Curriculum is based on legal industry and employer needs; Long-standing relationships and reputation with the legal community; Outreach to employers through innovative resources; Faculty has an average of 20 years of experience in the legal profession; Over 26 years specializing in paralegal education and beginning successful careers; Expert legal instruction is provided through collaborative classroom experiences; Professional and knowledgeable staff available and interested in assisting you from beginning to end; Your class schedule is arranged for you; Text books and software are distributed to you; Every dollar invested is allocated directly and only to the support of your paralegal education and career.