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Paralegal College Instructor Highlighted in 'Legally Mom'

Posted by Gail Armatys

Jul 12, 2012 3:20:00 PM

Vy Nguyen  “I don’t think my career has affected my motherhood, and I don’t think my motherhood has affected my career in any negative, detrimental way. Instead, they enhance each other…You can definitely do it and be happy.” Vy Nguyen, Legally Mom

Vy Nguyen, a CALS paralegal program family law professor, was one of 25 women who were interviewed and included in Ann Murphy Brown’s new book entitled Legally Mom.

Brown states in her introduction that she “sought to interview women who were not only honest with me but honest with themselves – women who were willing to share the good times and the bad”. Vy’s personality and transparency made her a perfect candidate to be included in this book.

In the chapter entitled ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ Single Mom, Vy describes her experiences as a mother while attending law school, as an associate attorney, and ultimately as owner of her own family law practice. She provides an interesting tale that reveals her can-do spirit and ability to prioritize her life with her son while maintaining a successful professional life as an attorney.

Reading how Vy has overcome various challenges inspires others to do the same. She had the inner strength to make good but unpopular decisions and persevered to create a successful practice and family life. She reveals how mothers everywhere can lead a satisfying life focused on family and professional goals – even in the field of law.

Legally Mom can be purchased by going to www.ShopABA.org.

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