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Competencies as Currency – How to Get Employers to Show You the Money

Posted by Tami Riggs

Oct 26, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Enhance Skill LevelCertificates and degrees will go far to establish your credibility. Having qualifications demonstrates that you can contribute and add value to an organization through training and education. However, employers are not just seeking candidates with credentials. Verifiable skills are a major currency for hiring and advancement.

Here are 6 ways you can show a potential employer that you are “skilled up” and able to integrate and add value to a professional environment.

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Graduation Live Stream - September 12, 2020

Posted by Eric H. Happe

Sep 12, 2020 6:00:00 AM

On September 12, 2020, Center for Advanced Legal Studies will hold its 66th Commencement Ceremony for graduates of its paralegal programs, and wow how different it will be. Just over 6 months ago graduation was held in person at South Texas College of Law and 105 paralegal credentials were conferred. For the 66th Commencement Ceremony attendees will be at home watching with their family and friends on the live stream, and presenters will have submitted contributions to the event several days previously.

A total of 103 paralegal credentials will be conferred. Paralegal Certificates will be awarded to 81 graduates, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees will be awarded to 22 graduates. Congratulations graduates on your hard work, dedication, and accomplishment. Your perseverance under the added difficulties imposed by a global pandemic has earned you the everlasting respect and admiration of us all.

Larry King

The commencement address will be presented by
Larry D. King, J.D. In over 40 years as an attorney, his practice areas included civil litigation, employment, insurance defense, contracts, and business law. In addition to the private practice of law, he has worked for both an insurance defense litigation firm and corporate law departments. His corporate experience includes over fourteen years in the American General Corporation Law Department where he served as Associate General Counsel and was responsible for major corporate litigation, and he supervised other attorneys and paralegals. Mr. King has been an instructor at Center for Advanced Legal Studies since 2002. During his 18 year tenure Mr. King has helped educate and inspire thousands of paralegals. Mr. King was the first instructor at CALS to teach a 100% online class session and is currently teaching his 100th Corporate and Business Law course. His commencement address is sure to be insightful, inspiring, and witty.

Additional comments and congratulations will be provided by Academic Dean Thomas B. Swanson, J.D. The event will be moderated by CALS' Director of Outreach and Career Services, Tami Riggs, with contributions from Eric H. Happe, Director of Distance Education.

Virtual Graduation and Achievement Recognition Program (PDF)

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Keeping Our Distance Since 2006

Posted by Eric H. Happe

Aug 6, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Skepticism. Acceptance. Preference. Necessity.
The advancement of distance education at Center for Advanced Legal Studies

Over the past 15 years, we have witnessed the rise of distance education and its progression from being viewed with skepticism to acceptance, from acceptance to preference, and now, from preference to necessity. In 2006, no one at Center for Advanced Legal Studies (CALS) imagined that in little more than a decade we would go from having a few hundred campus-based paralegal students, with none online, to having no campus-based students and over two hundred online.

Empty classroom AdobeStock_295475753 webUnlike many educational institutions who scrambled to implement virtual learning as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, CALS was able to migrate all its campus-based students to online delivery in less than a weekend. It helped that by March 2020 five out of six students at CALS were already taking their classes online. The skepticism many previously felt regarding online classes had long since shifted to a strong preference for them, and those who selected campus-based classes chose them more as a matter of personal preference and convenience than from any concern over the effectiveness of distance learning. We miss being on campus and seeing our students, and we know they feel the same, but we continue to successfully educate and train students to become paralegals, just as we have since 1987.

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Work Mistake? Fess Up to Your Mess Up and Fix It.

Posted by Tami Riggs

Jul 30, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Fess up your mess up smallAt some point in their career, every working professional has made a mistake that shined the performance spotlight on them front and center. Typical mistakes made by new - and experienced - paralegals include misfiling documents, missing deadlines due to poor calendaring practices, failing to proofread for typos, inaccurately recording billable time, and coming to client meetings unprepared. And let’s face it…we’ve all sent that cringeworthy email to an unintended recipient. We’ve all ended an important call by accidentally hanging up. 

Colossal gaffes that result in termination are rare, but errors made by paralegals and legal assistants can have significant consequences and rippling impacts on a law firm, up to and including a claim for malpractice. While this may be an extreme outcome, it is important to understand that each practice is responsible for inaccuracies or omissions made by its’ legal staff. Mistakes can seriously harm a case, lead to an unfavorable court ruling, and cause major setbacks. 

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What Salary Do You Expect? 3 Responses for Meaningful Wage Dialogue

Posted by Tami Riggs

Jun 2, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Salary RequirementsThe magic number between what a candidate is seeking and what a potential employer is willing to pay is often impacted by factors that are not related to direct experience, relevant education, or matching skills. Compensation is typically more dependent upon labor market conditions, geographic location, company size, and organizational budget than a job seeker’s background and qualifications. Salary structures will also vary between companies offering benefits and perks versus those offering none.

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