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High Paralegal Job Demand Drives The Need For Paralegal Education

Posted by Gail Armatys

Jul 12, 2012 3:06:00 PM

With faster than average job growth for paralegals, job competition among paralegals is anticipated to be strong for the foreseeable future. This increased job demand heightens the need for the right education and training to succeed in this profession.


Citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the paralegal career is expected to continue to grow.


(See updated article at Higher income and job demand signals growth for paralegals)


The BLS reports salary ranges for paralegals between $29,000 and $75,000 per year. The median annual salary is $49,700. While various organizations are hiring paralegals to handle the duties formerly performed by lawyers, most paralegals are finding employment with private law firms.


In addition, a recent study by the job analysis site O’Net listed the ways individuals prepare to be paralegals. When it comes to education, most paralegals either have a bachelor’s degree (40%) or an associate’s degree (30%). The next group were those with a paralegal training certificate (19%).


CALS offers two paralegal education programs to help our students succeed. In fact, according to recent research, CALS is ranked: first in Texas in the number of ABA approved paralegal credentials conferred, third in the United States in the number of ABA approved credentials conferred, and seventh in the United States in the total number of paralegal credentials conferred. Register now for the July 30th and September 10th and 24th class starts.

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