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Paralegal School Helps Students Pursue Dreams

Posted by Gail Armatys

Jan 22, 2013 10:45:00 AM

Yesterday was our nation's celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. I have to say that his 'I Have A Dream' speech continues to be among the most inspiring to me.

I realize I am not alone in that sentiment. I suppose his speech rings so true because there is a dream in all of us. Often, the path to living the dream includes education.

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CALS Helps Students Achieve Their Dreams.              

As co-founder of CALS, I have come to see how what we do at this institution is truly significant in assisting students in the pursuit of their dreams. Admittedly, taking the steps to open a paralegal college was originally an adventure begun to satisfy our own personal ambition and dreams. However, as time has passed, I see how what we provide has made an incredible and important difference not only in our lives but in the lives of our students, graduates, their families, their employers and the clients they serve. As busy people, we don't always comprehend the significance of what we are doing until we are in the midst of it or at its end. 

For us, it's more than offering a quality paralegal education. It is hope, opportunity, expectation and relationship. CALS' paralegal programs, faculty and staff have provided the open door and the incentive students need in order to be and do what they've envisioned. Just as Martin Luther King's speech drives us to reflect on 'what we could be as a nation', CALS is driven to help students realize 'what they can be' while in pursuit of their dreams.

Please note that while we realize our important role, we also know the truth of the matter. That is, it's not as much about us as it is about the students that do the hard work, invest in what we offer and make it happen.   


Who Chooses This Dream?

Like you, our students are also looking for a program of integrity, long-standing success,affordability, and paralegal classes offered in a way that meets the needs of their busy lives.

Beyond that, it seems there are four types of people made up of all races, backgrounds, professions, ages and aspirations that enter the programs at Center for Advanced Legal Studies.

Group 1) Those who are sure that they want a legal career. They have a deep interest in the law and a desire to help others;

Group 2) Those who have an interest in the law and want to attend our programs as a sort of 'test'.  They are thinking of going to law school but prefer to gain a paralegal education first;

Group 3) Those who realize that an increased understanding of the law as a paralegal will enhance their personal and professional lives;

Group 4) Those who are a combination of all of the above.

 Graduate, 2012      Graduate, 2012      Graduate, 2012       Graduate, 2012       Graduate, 2012   Graduate

(A few Center for Advanced Legal Studies recent graduates.)


A Legal Career is Practical.

The law touches everything we do. Every contract is legally binding. Our actions, our words, our written documents, our money, our relationships are all subject in some way to the law.

The law is inherent to our lives and is necessary to provide order, sustainability, freedom, and opportunity. As the government and the world continue to grow, it makes sense that the opportunities for paralegals and other legal professionals will continue to increase.

Realizing this, it is apparent that the paralegal education offered through our paralegal programs continually becomes more essential. Everyone benefits with an increased understanding of the law. Your dream, no matter what brings you to our school, really is practical.


Begin by Making a Decision.

Sometimes we think the dream we envision doesn't begin until we get the new suit and the new job. But I believe the dream begins with the decision. In this case I mean the decision to take a step forward and into your paralegal education.

There have been thousands of students walk through our halls or logged into the live online paralegal classroom over the years that have proven over and over that it is the steps students take each day - the journey - that is the substance of their future.

It's the decision to attend paralegal classes, to study, prepare, and to squeeze all the knowledge they can out of the instructors that really impacts their lives. It's what the students discover within themselves during the pursuit that is the essence of the dream-come-true.


Your Dream Makes a Difference.

Talking about fulfilling your dream is nice and uplifting but it's also one of the most practical things a person can do. As previously noted, it is in the pursuit of the dream that our students discover what they can do and be. Their decision to move forward makes a difference for them, for their families, their employers and the clients they serve. Lives are changed.  A difference is made.  And, dreams really do come true.

A paralegal education at CALS has initiated thousands of new careers and allowed graduates to live the dream in the process. For more information regarding Center for Advanced Legal Studies paralegal programs contact us at 800-446-6931 or info@paralegal.edu.

Gail Armatys, Paralegal School Co-founder & CAO

Gail Armatys

Center for Advanced Legal Studies Co-founder and CAO




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