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New Year. New Paralegal Career! Let us help.

Posted by Eric H. Happe

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Jan 8, 2020 10:30:00 AM

New Year 2020

If 2019 wasn't the year you hoped it would be, it might be a good time to do something to help ensure 2020 is full of excitement and possibilities.

Since most of us spend a great deal of our lives working, it is inevitable that work plays a key role in shaping our levels of happiness. 1 Many are fortunate to have fulfilling and rewarding careers that help contribute to their overall sense of well-being, but unfortunately others find work to be a source of unhappiness, unwanted stress, and frustration. How does work contribute to your relative level of happiness?

If you don't find work to be a source of happiness and fulfillment, perhaps you are like many of our students who express, when surveyed about why they chose to pursue a paralegal career, that they have an interest in the law and want to help people. It's easy to see how pursuing your interests and feeling positive about the work you do could lead to greater job satisfaction and increased personal happiness.

Indeed, the opportunity to improve your earning potential is part of this equation, and paralegals do quite well 2, but earning the respect of your co-workers, being an integral part of a team, and providing services that are valued by the community is also important. Paralegals are just that: critical members of a legal team who provide valuable legal services to the community.

If you have an interest in the law and have been considering making a change, I encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the paralegal profession and our paralegal programs. If you like what you see, you can submit your application at https://www.paralegal.edu/online-application

Those starting the Paralegal Certificate program on January 27th will graduate on September 20th and those starting March 23rd will graduate on November 15th, ready to take on 2021!

Want to learn more? Please check out the following recent articles and resources.

The faculty and staff at Center for Advanced Legal Studies are committed to helping students achieve their career goals. If you are interested in pursuing a paralegal career, we are here to help.


Eric H. Happe is Director of Distance Education at Center for Advanced Legal Studies in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of the Paralegal Certificate program and worked as a paralegal for six years before returning to Center for Advanced Legal Studies in various administrative capacities. Eric managed the development of online paralegal programs at CALS and works closely with faculty and staff to provide students with quality paralegal education and training opportunities both on campus and online. Please feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn

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