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Seminar: Mastering Employment | May 7th

Posted by Center for Advanced Legal Studies [CALS]

Mar 29, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Achieving success in your chosen career depends not only on possessing the requisite knowledge and skills to be proficient on the job, but also on being adept at navigating the often tumultuous terrain of employment, relationship building, and career advancement.

During this 4-hour interactive seminar and presentation, you will learn valuable strategies to help find and promote success in the career you have today, or in the next opportunity that presents itself tomorrow.


Thomas B. Swanson is a practicing attorney and paralegal instructor. Mr. Swanson has taught paralegal students since 1987 and has helped thousands of graduates enter the paralegal profession and excel in their careers. Mr. Swanson has been a managing partner in law firms and has consulted large and small businesses regarding employment and security issues.

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Proceeds support Center for Advanced Legal Studies Scholarship Fund.



Topics: career, education and training

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